The easiest way to become a millionaire is Lottery because it is a game of luck that gives millions in just one night. Many people already know about and regularly trying their luck by purchasing the ticket of the lottery. Now, one of the most anticipated lotteries named Irish Lottery is going to declare the result, and the makers ready to give a decent amount to the luckiest winner. The best part of this lottery is the officials declared the result every week on Saturday and Wednesday. People buy tickets in the hope that they will become rich in a very short time.

irish lotto results


Irish Lotto Results

The Irish Lottery Results 49s Online will be updated here. Let us also tell you that the upcoming result of the lottery will be going to hit the official online portal on Wednesday, 16th June 2021. If you purchased the ticket then you just need to match your number which will the officials declared as the winner. If your number will match the number that will become the luckiest in the result then you will become a millionaire in just one day. The Jackpot prize money of the lottery is €2 million. The prize of the Irish Lottery starts with €2 million and there are so many prizes offered by the officials.

Now, many lotteries are very simple as they directly pick a number who will grab the entire prize amount. But, Irish Lottery is quite different because this is a 6/47 game with some bonus balls and two additional games named Lotto plus 1 game and Lotto plus 2 games. Now, if you searching for the timing when the officials declared the Irish Lottery Results then it will be declared at 8 PM each Saturday and Wednesday.

Irish Lotto Results and Winning Numbers

If we talk about Indian timing then it will be declared on each Thursday and Sunday at 12:30 AM as the time of India is 4 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Ireland.

Many people are in search to win the Irish 49s lottery and if you are also looking forward to winning it then you just need to select the number from the bonus ball which will the winning number. If your one number is correct then you will win something but if your six numbers are correct then you can able to win €2 million to €10 million.

It is quite impressive which enhancing the excitement level among all the people who keen to become rich in a very short time. Several people try their luck every month by purchasing a ticket of Irish 49s lottery and if they win they will get back a very huge return that maybe change their entire life. So, stay connected with us to know more about lottery results.


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