Recently, Controversy hit the internet when former India Pacer Irfan Pathan shared a picture of his family. In the picture, the face of his wife blurred. The name of his wife is Safa Baig who has slammed by trollers on social media. After the netizens make the incident much bigger than it is actually then Safa Baig comes online and gives a comment for all the trollers. She said that Irfan Pathan had nothing to do with the blurred picture and nobody else need to interfere in their personal matter. Safa further added that she is very upset to see that Pathan is being obsessive on social media.

Irfan Pathan's Wife Safa Baig'

After Safa come online on social media and talk a lot about the incident that happened after sharing just a picture on social media. She further said that “I had created an Instagram account for Imran (Irfan Pathan and Safa Baig’s son) and I post stuff there so that he can look back at some lovely memories once he grows up. I handle this account and for this particular photograph, I had blurred my face out of choice. It was completely my decision and Irfan had absolutely nothing to do with it”.

After she gives a reply to all the netizens who trolling them for sharing a picture then many people support the couple. Yes, many people on social media stand in the support of the couple because they do it for personal reasons. For the picture, Safa clearly said that the decision to blur the face of Safa is her decision and Irfan Pathan had nothing to do with it. But, netizens create such a big issue for just a picture which is not acceptable. Now, Safa clearly opened up and tells everything that happened when she sharing the picture on social media.

Later, Safa also shared an incident when she visits India for the first time and she had to apply for a new passport. When the time to fill the name then Safa tells the lady to remain her original name without the surname of Irfan Pathan. The lady asks about it Irfan thrice and Irfan replies that “If she is ok with it, what problems can I have? She has the right to choose what she wants”. She just wants to clear by telling this incident that Irfan has no problem with the decisions of Safa because she is very intelligent to choose her own decision after clarifying that everything will remain right. Later, Irfan Khan also told everyone that the picture was blurred by Safa by her own decision. So, it is the entire incident that happened on social media.


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