Many people are regularly searching for the brilliant television show which is airing on Sony Entertainment Television. The name of the show is Ishq Par Zor Nahin and the episodes of the show continuously gaining much popularity and attention from the audience. All the people across the country are eager to watch the fabulous episodes of the show as every episode attracting a huge audience to watch it. The previous episode of the show already creating a huge sensational over social media and the buzz for the show is regularly giving a very genuine hype to the upcoming episode of the show.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 11th June 2021

Let’s start, Ishqi trying to gain consciousness, Dadi sees Ishqi and thinks to do something which stays Ishqi away from Ahaan. While Rhea’s mom gives juice to her then also taunts her that Ishqi is resting and Ahaan with her. After hearing this, Dadi got angry and Chachi calms her down by giving a tea. In the next scene, Ahaan awakes and asks Ishhqi about her health and she replies yes. After that, Ishqi also asks him to forget the past as her marriage broke with Mayank and she is happy with it. Ishqi also says Sonu is safe but Ahaan sees that Ishqi is worry about Sonu.

Ahaan starts crying and Ishqi asks him why he is crying. He replies that he is angry with himself because she did so much for the family and he gave her a lot. Later, everyone comes to see Ishqi and after seeing Ishqi, Karthik says that she is a fighter. On the other hand, Sonu goes to her and asks her if she is fine. After that, the doctor comes and says everyone to go out and leave Ishqi for better health. In the next scene, viewers will see Karthik and Ahaan walking in the garden while Karthik saying that everything has sorted in a positive way.

On the other hand, the story of the episode becomes much interesting when Dadi goes to Ishqi and says her that she needs to forget Ahaan because she is wrong if she is thinking that she has a bright future with him. Ishqi replies that she is getting everything in the wrong way and after hearing this, Dadi says Okay but she still needs to leave. Dadi also says that she will provide her a good job. Now, the further story of the show will be going to air on Sony Entertainment Television at 09:30 PM. So, stay tuned with us to grab all the information related to the upcoming serials.


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