Here, we are back with another interesting and amazing written update of Ishq Par Zor Nahin as the show is actually getting much attention from the audience. The fans of the show already watch some brilliant and exceptional episodes because of the craze. It is cleared that the show very well maintains the hype and also the top position on the TRP chart. The story of the show which is going on is actually engaging many people to watch the upcoming episodes as well. So, here we are providing all the details and information related to the forthcoming episode that you want to know.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Let’s start what happens in the next episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin. The episode starts with Ahaan asking the priest who asked him to tell a lie. Later, Panditji blames Rhea and her parents that stunned Rhea while Dadi Ji smiling aside. But, Rhea thinks about Dadi and says in front of everyone that how smart she is. After hearing Rhea blaming Dadi Ji, Ahaan gets angry. But, Rhea will not stop yet as she calls Dadi Ji an evil woman. In the next scene, we see Karthik comes and tells everyone that she is the only one who captured on camera.

Not only this, but Rhea’s mother also confesses that everyone that they planned along with Dadi. She further says that Dadi Ji is the mastermind behind all this. Later, he tells the police to arrest Rhea’s Family but Chachi stops him and says that today is an auspicious day and nobody wants to do anything like this. Rhea and her family leave the home and Ahaan comes to Ishqi. He says that he will go to marry Ishiq and no one can stop him to marry Ishqi.

Later, Chachi, Sonu, and Maasi agreed to their marriage. In the next scene, viewers will see Ishqi in the dress of the bride, and seriously she is making the entire episode very beautiful with her good looks and engaging expressions. After everyone sees Ishqi, they praise her for her beauty.

Ishqi asks Massi that why Ahaan comes to save her but Massi replies that forgets everything because if the end is well then everything is well. Now, it will be actually very amazing to watch the ensuing episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin as the makers are trying to show something special and amazing. Stay connected with us to get more written updates and important information related to the television shows.


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