Again, the television shows Ishq Par Zor Nahin getting much attention from the audience. From the beginning the show collecting lots of love because of the fabulous story and some reputed stars in the show. The story of the show actually going on very well and entertaining everyone. The characters who play the roles in the show are very fabulous and entertaining all the people all over the country. Now, if we talk about the upcoming episode then it will be showing a very genuine story in which all the stars appearing in some pivotal roles to make the moment more excited and entertaining.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 23rd June 2021

So, let’s start with the upcoming episode which begins with Ahaan talking to Ishqi. The episode shows a very beautiful moment in which he teases Ishqi as she blushes when it comes to their marriage. They both laugh at the activity that they spend each other and experience a memorable time. When Kartik enters the room they both are about to kiss each other. He apologies to them and says he need to practice knock the door before entering someone’s room. After they both see him then they feel weird and Ishqi leaves the room as she feels shy.

In the next scene, Dadu is appearing to prepare all the preparations and Sony comes to the Haldi venue with Ishqi. Ahaan and Ishqi see each other and feel happy and Rhea comes to Ishqi who says thanks to her.

Just after that the episode becomes highly anticipated as police arrive at the venue and asks for Ishqi. Rhea acts like that she did not know anything about it. Sonu asks the police that why they come to the place and they reply that Ishqi registered a complaint in which she blamed Mayank in the case of harassment of Sonu and blackmailing her.

After the police say that, everyone gets shocked and they further say that they need a statement of Ishqi who registered a complaint. On the other hand, Dadi angry with Rhea who thinks that now Ishqi and Ahaan will separate from each other. Later, Dadi takes her aside and says that she should not bring Sonu to all this incident.

After seeing all this, it is cleared that the show named Ishq Par Zor Nahin is all set to entertain everyone by showing a very fabulous story. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the television shows.


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