Welcome guys, we are back with another brilliantly written update of the most popular television daily soup, Ishq Par Zor Nahin. The story of the show taking many turns and twists that bringing heat to the environment. The upcoming episode of the show will begin with Savitri Devi who comes to Durga Devi’s home in very anger. She shouts and asking from everyone that where is Ishqi.

(IPZN) Ishq Par Zor Nahin 16th August 2021 Episode

She enters the house by shouting Durga Devi and after hearing this Ahaan comes there and asks her what are she is doing here. She asks him about Ishqi and continuously shouting Durga Devi’s name.

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Then, everyone comes there and Durga Devi also comes to see what’s happening. After that, Savitri asks Ahaan where is Ishqi but Ahaan says that he doesn’t know where is Ishqi and he further says that if you are come there to search Ishqi then you are at the wrong place.

Ishqi is not here. Then, Savitri Devi sees Durga Devi has arrived. She goes to her and says that the place isn’t wrong but the people who live here are wrong. She further asks Durga Devi that what she has done with Ishqi. Durga Devi silently hearing her and didn’t say anything.

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After that Savitri Devi says that whenever Durga Devi’s truth is supposed to become in front of everyone because of someone, she put the person down. She claimed that she does the same with Ishqi. Then, she leaves from there. Ahaan sits on the sofa and his brother asks him that he actually didn’t know about Ishqi. Just after that, her sister also asks him about Ishqi even she says him that before believing in the words of people he actually doesn’t want to know why Ishqi does this and where she is right now.

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Ahaan is thinking after hearing this from his own siblings and then the promo ends. But, before the promo ends, a picture finally appears on the screen in which Ahaan is thinking on one side and Ishqi is lying on the hospital bed on the other.

Now, it will be actually worth watching the upcoming episode of the highly anticipated daily soup of Sony Entertainment Television. Ishq Par Zor Nahin is airing on the TV channel at 9:30 PM. Now, it will be very thrilling and exciting to watch the complete story of the full episode that will be going to air tonight, 16th August 2021.


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