Again, the most brilliant and fabulous television serial is on the way to entertain everyone. Yes, we are talking about Ishq Par Zor Nahin that bringing the heat all over the television and the fan following of the show is very high. The storyline of the show already going on the top and entertaining everyone a lot. As we already know that the previous episode of the show comes with a very big twist.

(IPZN) Ishq Par Zor Nahin, 11th August 2021

Everyone knows that the last episode clearly shows that Ishqi leaves the house and gives a promise to Ahaan that she will only return when she removes all the misunderstandings between Ahaan and Savitri Aunty.

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Ahaan and Ishiq indulge in a very heated argument in which Ahaan asks Ishqi to leave his house. Later, Ishqi feels very bad after hearing all these from Ahaan, and she is ready to leave the house. When she was going from the house, she saying a lot to Ahaan.

Ishqi says every time Ahaan needs everything in proof and he can’t believe in words. So, this time, she will come with proof. Otherwise, she will never ever come back to his home. When, Ishqi telling him all these, Ahaan standing silently and listening everything.

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In the next scene, Ahaan is sitting alone in his room and missing Ishqi a lot. Suddenly, Dadi comes there and says son but Dadi is just about to complete her sentence, but Ahaan says Dadi please, he never disobeyed her decision and he can’t do anything else.

Even after that, Dadi says nothing is left in his relationship and Ahaan himself kicked that girl from the house and his life. Ahaan further says that he was in his anger and once his anger comes down and she will leave persistence then he will bring her home back.

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After hearing all these from Ahaan, Dadi goes from there and comes to the house of Savitri. When Ishqi sees Dadi there, she says that whatever she is thinking to do had happened then why she came here. Dadi replies that she did not need in her house anymore but she still didn’t go completely from her grandson’s life. So, this is why she is here with divorce papers. After hearing this, Savitri gets stunned even Ishqi also denies signing those papers.

Dadi comes to return home with a sad face and when Ahaan asks her what Ishqi says then she remains silent and gives a sad look to him. The upcoming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin will be actually very highly anticipated and airing on Sony Entertainment Television at 9:30 PM.


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