Today’s episode starts with Savitri says if Ahsan hates me then how would you say that he love me. He has shown he hatred towards me. Ishqi says that the one whom we live the most also hates the most. Now we have to awaken his love. Savitri says that my family is lucky to have you as their daughter in law. If Dadi will ever come to know I don’t know how would she react. You just promise me that you won’t let anyone to come between you and Ahaan.

ishq par zor nahin 16th july 2021

Dadi creates a huge scene that makes Ahaan sad. Kartik says that you should work in a drama as you act very nice. Dadi scolds him to make fun of her. Ahaan calls Ishqi and says that she must have gone for some important work, you ask her when she is coming home. Ishqi enters the home and Dadi starts scolding her. She asks where have you been. You should convey your husband before going anywhere. She says that you don’t respect your husband and his family as well.

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Kartik tries to defend Ishqi and says that Ishqi is not a kind of girl. Dadi says that you don’t come in between otherwise I’ll scold you too. Ishan says Dadi I forgot to inform you, Ishqi told me where she is going. Ishqi says that I came after you and brought water as well but you were gone before I reach. I saw that you were going out.

Dadi thinks if Ishqi saw her going Aashram. Ishqi says that I was scored as my mind starts forgetting things in this age. I know Ahaan loves you the most and I don’t want you separate from him. You are the life of this house.

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I am trying to be. Avoid daughter in law but my luck is bad. He asks Dadi to end this topic. She says that I never tried to blame you. Ishqi says don’t apologize as you have right to ask me anything. Dadi asks Chachi to come to her room. Sonu comes home and heads that Darla insulting Savitri. Raj argues with Darla and Sonu cries to see all this. Sarla creates a drama and Raj asks her to stop interfering in Ahaan’s life as he is happy with Ishqi. He warns her to take Sonu while leaving this house.

She says I didn’t know that you fought with mini for my Sake, you are a good husband. I understand how do you feel when someone says about your mother. Ahaan hugs Ishqi and checks if she slept. She asks him you can cry if you want to,

He hugs Ishqi and says that when you are with me then I will never cry. She says that we are partners in cry and joy. I will not hide my sorrow or happiness from you. An envelope comes for Ahaan. Dadi asks him to hand over to him as she wants to check. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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