The episode starts with Ahaan calls Ishqi as he was waiting for her. Ishqi comes and hugs him tightly. He asks her why didn’t you pick my call. She says that I don’t want to remember all these things. I was drunk and didn’t remember what I exactly said. Ahaan asks her do you like me now. She says yes and hugs him. She recalls what she talked to Savitri.

Ishq par zor nahi 30th july 2021

She says that Ahaan has a modern thinking and he supported Massi and my uncle used to beat us. Now his hatred will end and Savitri says that he supported you because he cannot do anything against his mother. But he did all this to support me. Ishqi agrees with him, Ahaan seems happy and says Ishqi that I trust you.

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Ahaan stops Ishqi and says that I was waiting for the moment ti meet you. She says that Kartik told me that you are not romantic but you proved him wrong. Ahaan holds her and kisses on her forehead. Ishqi stops him and says that someone will see so please don’t do this. Ahaan says taht I am your husband and I have the right to kiss you anytime.

He gets a call from Dadi and says that I am not well so please come home. Dadi do drama to be fainting and Ishqi sees that her toe is moving and she is faking it. Ishqi says that I try to get her back in her senses.

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Ahaan goes to call the doctor and uses a hairdryer to blow air on Dadi’s face. She thinks that how Dadi acts as she can win Oscar, winner. Sarla says that she didn’t do right and Ahaan and Ishqi should have not married. Ishqi tries to sprinkle water on Dadi’s face. Dadi continues her drama and doesn’t react.

Ishqi worried that no one should see Savitri in the hospital as it will be trouble everyone. Masi looks for Ishqi and is worried about her. She says that Dadi is Ishqi’s mother-in-law. Chachi asks her not to worry about Ishqi as she is like my daughter.

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Doctors say that are you fine, what happened to you. Dadi scolds the doctor that what do you mean that I am lying, why would I do that. The doctor says that you might panic about things so you got fainted. She asks him to send Ahaan. She says Ishqi has become my daughter in law without my permission and I will not let her on peace. Riya comes and claps for Dadi’s drama. She says that this drama will ruin their first night and I will not let this happen. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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