Unfortunately, there are, again and again, many things happening due to the farmer’s protest. Now Internet services have been stopped by the Home Ministery in the Red area of Delhi under this protest. These areas are majorly Delhi borders Singhu, Ghazipur, and Tikri-epicenters of the protestors against the agricultural laws. The Internet service will be suspended from 30th January at 11 PM for the next 48 hours. Here are the brief details about the news and update regarding the update of the farmer protest.

Internet Suspended

The Home minister released the notification on January 30, 2021, regarding this temporary suspension of internet service “… it is necessary and expedient to order the temporary suspension of internet services in the areas of SinghU, Ghazipur, and Tikri, and their adjoining areas in the NCT of Delhi from 11 pm on January 29 to 11 pm on January 31,” the ministry notification said.

Yesterday Haryana government also suspended the internet service in 17 districts till 5 PM evening. Tuesday’s violence, the Uttar Pradesh government ordered the removal of protesters from Ghazipur – which lies on the Delhi-UP border. They were ordered to leave by Thursday night.

The situation becomes more terrible after the republic day tractor rally where Police took the action of lathi charge on all the protestors and exploded tier gas due to risk of violence. Then farmers out of their control and they reached the Red Fort of India and replaced the existing flag with a regional flag.

Recently the UP farmer’s leader Rakesh Tikait claiming he was ‘ready to face bullets’ if needed. To support farmers he organized Mahapanchayat yesterday where almost above lakh people were came to support him in his decision and joined the Maha Panchayat.

In this regard, he said Supreme Court justified the peaceful protest and There has been no violence on the Ghazipur border… despite this government is adopting a repressive policy. The discussed statement indicates the confidence of Rakesh Tikait and strength regarding his support with farmers against farm laws.


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