We are going to talk about the special day of rural women, the International Day of Rural Women which started on 15 October 2008. Through this article, we will take a look at the lives of rural women.

International Day Of Rural Women

In Resolution 62/136, established by the General Assembly on 18 December 2007 as International Day, let us tell you that the special purpose of establishing this day is to recognize “the important role and contribution of rural women including indigenous women”, To enhance agriculture and rural development, improve food security, and eradicate rural poverty. “

This year on International Rural Women’s Day, we will also tell you about what problems the rural women faced due to COVID-19. Let us tell you that rural women have played a special role in this epidemic, as we know rural women are already facing struggles in their daily lives as an important role in agriculture, food security, and nutrition.

Now, since COVID-19 and remote areas have their unique health needs, they are less likely to have access to quality health services, essential medicines, and vaccines. Restrictive social norms and gender stereotypes may also limit rural women’s ability to access health services. In addition, many rural women suffer from isolation, as well as the dissemination of misinformation, and lack access to key technologies to improve their work and personal lives. Due to which there is a need that many impossible efforts should be made to improve the lives of rural women so that rural women are not deprived of their rights.

Keeping all these things in mind, let us tell you that in this battle of COVID-19 epidemic, rural women have played a special role, despite the work being stopped. apart from this, rural women have also made a huge contribution in the field of development, despite this, their life is still backward.

Let us tell you that the united nation has dedicated this day of rural women to this day as International Day, so as we all know that rural women are ahead of everyone in the line of war, just keep this in mind Keeping in view the climate change towards rural women for the year International Day has been kept in view to celebrate the day. Apart from this, the theme of Rural Women International Day has been given a theme whose name is “Rural Women and Girls Building Climate Resistance”. Through this article you will also get to find some of the best wallpapers and quotes, you can also share those quotes or lines with your family and friends, even can be uploaded on social media sites such as Twiter and Insta, all the wallpapers are given below.


“I alone Cannot Change the world, but I can cast a stone within the waters to create a lot of ripples”

“We want women to lead the nation as never before, leaders who are not afraid to call names and are willing to fight”

“If men have got a right, I have got the same right
; they cannot put me down because I can do everything that they can do”

“No matter how you measure it, women have got the same brut of poverty, but they are also the only hope for ending it.”

“When a woman thrives, all of the social benefits and when the woman has access to lands, household, agriculture, and gender equality increases.”


International Day Of Rural Women

International Day Of Rural Women

International Day Of Rural Women

International Day Of Rural Women


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