Interesting no!! Just imagine living away from earth and watching million of stars clearly without polluted atmosphere, sounds like a dream. But recently a Japanese organization started a research in a newly found SPACE COLONY RESEARCH CENTER lead by Chiaki Mukai and a team of 30 researchers studying new ways to keep human alive on Moon and Mars colony.
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“It’s very realistic to establish a colony on the moon by 2030″, said Mukai including that who said humans needed to think beyond the International Space Station just like a campsite” -you have to bring everything.
One of her team’s work us a unique food production system using plasma created by passing high voltage of electricity through a saline solution. ‘Too much science right!!!’, though it reduces the damaging algae usually formed in water.
The Research Centre has also developed a system to create electricity using tiny thermoelectric sensors about the size of an iPod Nano that could be attached to a potential colony. The colony would be kept at comfortable room temperature, but outside it would vary between 130°C (266 Fahrenheit) during the day and -230 at night. Fascinating isn’t it!!!!
“We are not only developing the technology for a moon base but as a spin-off, we will be able to help many issues that we need to solve on Earth,” she said. For example, she said hydroponic technology — growing food without soil – could be valuable in countries in parts of sub-Saharan Africa lacking natural resources and minerals.
We hope that she do wonders with her research and find a way to survive on different platforms in space.


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