Instagram Background Black: Why Is My Instagram Background Black?: Instagram has been a very popular app that has been used by almost everyone in every corner of the world. Currently, it has more than 1.2 billion users on average, monthly. But, it is also true that the app has been getting more and more frustrating recently and has made many users even frustratingly leave the app. But, its popularity is the one thing that doesn’t let the app go down and not make any improvements as they know that there are still people that are plenty for them to run the app. In fact, it is more than just enough. Follow More Updates On

Instagram Background Black

Instagram Background Black

It won’t be shocking to say that among the popular messaging platforms, Instagram is one of the worst. It seems like the app is always down and leaves its users not being able to do even the most basic stuff such as login, watch stories, send messages, and share posts. While a regular user can make do with these things, for someone who creates content and use the platform as a source of income it is quite frustrating. Sometimes they even lose their account and the recovery services are really bad which can be annoying at times.

Even when the app is working properly there are still some bugs that make the user experience bad. There are also features that are added and are not really relevant like changing the position of the icons with every update. The user experience has been getting worse and the ratings are also lowering which is not shocking at all.

Why Is My Instagram Background Black?

There has been an issue that has surfaced recently where the users have been getting their screen with a black theme. This issue is faced by many users and they have been surfing the internet to look for a solution.

The dark mode was changed automatically and usually, users get to choose between the light and dark theme. It has even been mentioned by a user and was posted to Twitter. This seems to be another bug that has been surfacing on top of many of the other bugs that still seem to have not been resolved.

The issue appears to be with the latest update and has not yet been addressed by Instagram. As per the latest update the app will take on the theme of the device and cannot be changed within the app as it is determined by the phone’s settings. So, if you are facing the issue then try changing the theme of your device and see if it has any effect on the app.


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