NASA, is continuously sending missions to discover new aspects of life on Mars. Now NASA is also set to send its new mission to Mars in order to find out what are the interiors of Mars which are hidden.

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The scheduled date of sending InSight- a stationary lander is May 5. Earlier project of NASA was Apollo Moon Landings which placed a seismometer on moon. Seismometer is a device which is made to detect the shaking of surface and soil.

Bruce Banerdt who is the main investigator of mission InSight said “In some ways, InSight is like a scientific time machine that will bring back information about the earliest stages of Mars’ formation 4.5 billion years ago,” InSight will be the greatest mission if becomes successful and it will open the new ways of research.

Banerdt also said “It will help us learn how rocky bodies form, including Earth, its moon, and even planets in other solar systems,” InSight will be collecting many information and will be carrying many instruments but it will require stationary lander and not like the rover mission so that the instruments should be carefully placed below the surface of Mars.

The results and observation from this mission will uncover what is similar between Mars and Earth and of what substance the core, the mantle of Mars is made up of. The Mars is nearest exoplanet to the earth. So scientists are really excited to acknowledge the details of the planet. Not only NASA but other European countries are also keen to know and get the details of the Mars and they also contributed their funds and instruments to this mission.


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