Tiktok Influencer Carlos Feria Violencia Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Nowadays a TikTok content creator named Carlos Feria is hitting the news feeds very hardly. As per the source, the aforementioned TikTok content creator is accused of promoting or endorsing violence through a video. Yes, there is a video of Carlos Feria in which he is promoting violence by beating his spouse. As Carlos Feria is a famous content creator of social media and he has an enormous amount of followers on the platform it is certain that this clip will make more roar on social media. However, as of now millions of people have watched his macabre behavior toward his wife. Who is Carlos Feria’s wife? There are still various questions related to Carlos Feria’s viral video that we have to answer. In the further sections we will tell you who is Carlos Feria’s wife, what is Carlos Feria’s age, and also describe the scenes of the video. Kindly have a look below. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Video Influencer Carlos Feria

Carlos Feria Video Violencia

As per the source, the famous TikToker Carlos Feria is married to his wife named Adriana Valcarcel who is also a TikToker like her husband. But nowadays she and her husband Carlos Feria are in limelight because of their viral video. Moreover, Carlos Feria and Adriana have also welcomed a daughter. Let’s find out what is in the viral video. Scroll down.

Video Influencer Carlos Feria

According to the source, the viral video was shared on social media last Friday by Adriana, she denounced Carlos Feria with a clip that is the proof of Carlos Feria’s brutality and violence against her. Moreover, Carlos Feria beat his wife in front of his daughter named Salome. In the video, Carlos Feria is pushing his wife and the scene appears to be in the kitchen room. As per the source, that video has been deleted by Adriana from her account but it was sufficient to get viral on social media. Let’s take a look at Carlos Feria’s age and his social media handles.

Who Is Carlos Feria?

As of 2022, Carlos Feria is 26 years old man from Columbia. The Columbian TikTok content creator has gained a huge number of followers on TikTok and other social networking sites. By the time of writing this blog, Carlos Feria’s TikTok account has accumulated more than 40 million followers, while Carlos Feria’s Insta account has attracted over 7 million followers. But due to this incident, Carlos Feria’s followers are on the verge of facing a sharp trench in the account’s growth insight.


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