Indore has become a corona hotspot and in the wake to control the spread all the shops have been closed excluding the medical ones. In such a situation, the Municipal Corporation is doing home delivery of ration and vegetables. But, it is observed lately that many people have become victims of Corona because of vegetable sellers in other cities city. Keeping this in mind, the Corporation has taken over the supply of vegetables in Indore, here, the vegetables which are being delivered by the Municipal corporation in Indore are first sanitized and they get transferred to distributed.

But there is still a fear in people of getting affected by the corona infection when the system is delivering vegetables from house to house. Many are avoiding making use of the facilities in the wake of saving themselves. However, there is now relief for all the Indorians.

To overcome this doubt, the Indore Municipal Corporation has made a new experiment. In order to make the vegetables free the infection going to be
delivered to the doorsteps, the corporation is making them bacteria and virus free with the use of ultraviolet rays. For this, Ultraviolet Oven has been installed at vegetable collection centers, where one quintal of vegetables at a time can be made virus free in just 30 seconds.

How does the ultra violet oven work?

Scientists say that when using ultra wirelet ovens, UV rays are exposed inside the oven and radiation does not come out. So it is completely safe. It is an equipment made of food grade raw material made of stainless steel. This is the best option for bacterial disinfection of fruits and vegetables. It does not release radiation from which humans are protected. This machine has an auto limit switch which is turned on only when the trolley carrying fruits/vegetables is inside the machine. And within 30 seconds you can get a disinfected material with UV-C.

Vegetable packets are being prepared in a marriage garden located at Khandwa Road, Indore. Eight kinds of vegetables have been fixed in a four-kg packet, for which home delivery is being done for 150 rupees. Single vegetable packet includes 200 grams of chilli, 100 grams of ginger, 200 grams of coriander, two lemons, gourd / gilki one kilo, lady finger 500 grams, tomato one kilo, seasonal vegetables one kilogram (eggplant, spinach, cucumber, carrot or cabbage).


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