A popular Indonesian actress Vanessa Angel and her loving husband Febri Andriansyah, also known as Bibi passed away in a single-vehicle car crash in the earlier of November 2021. According to the sources, three people were injured in the death-dealing accident including Actress Vanessa Angel and Andrinsyah’s son, who is just 3-years-old. He is being treated in a local hospital due to his minor injuries. It is heart-breaking news for their families that a beautiful couple lost their lives in this tragic accident. The incident took place on the Jombang section of the Nganjuk-Surabaya highway in East Java on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

 Indonesian Actress Venessa Angel With Husband Febri Andriansyah Died Away Check Cause Of Death Bio Images & networth

Our prayers and condolence are with their family members who are going through a difficult time. Along with the family, many fans got shocked after learning about the sudden demise of the actress and her husband. As per the authorities and reported news, the accident occurred at around 12:30 PM on November 4. While, actress Angel, her husband, their son, a babysitter, and a driver were traveling on the Nganjuk-Surabaya highway in a Mitsubishi Pajero. After traveling some distance, the left side of Pajero hit a barrier made from concrete and the driver lost his control over car. The car bounced off and turned several times before it stopped.

As per the authorities report, the soap opera star, and her husband were declared dead on the spot. While, a babysitter, actress son Gala, and the driver rushed to the nearby hospital. The driver and Gala suffered from some minor injuries but the babysitter, identified as Siska Lorensa suffered some major injuries. During writing this article, her condition is not disclosed yet.

While, the investigation of this case reveals that the condition of the weather and the traffic of that time was quite good and the accident did not cause more casualties. The driver has been also identified as Tubagus Joddy who became sleepy while driving. Jody was also working as Angel’s assistant for the past two years. He was charged with negligent driving under the Indonesia’s law.

Since the news went viral on social media, several fans and authorities paid tribute to the actress and her husband who died in a fatal accident. It was just a unexpected news for the fans who loved her a lot. The actress was a model and singer as well. Actress was also caught in an online prostitution case. She was arrested in the hotel room in Surabaya with a businessman. She will be remembered by her loved ones.


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