On Thursday, police, and rescue teams said a tourist bus fell into a ravine on the main island of Java, Indonesia, killing at least 27 people and injuring 39 others. Let us also tell you that the bus carries a group of Islamic students, teachers, and parents from the West Java province town of Subang. The local police chief Eko Prasetyo Robbyanto said that the accident happened late Wednesday in which a very huge number of people lost their lives.

Bus Plunges into a Ravine

The accident was very big that totally shocked everyone who lives in the local places where the accident happened. The reason for the accident is coming in front that the driver lost his control while driving. Also, the police investigating the entire incident that happened at the place. In the accident, almost 29 people were found dead and 39 people critically injured were taken to hospital. The crowd comes when the bus fell down into a ravine and many people trying to help the people who face the pain of the accident.

After so many efforts the police and the rescue team able to find the people who critically stuck in the bus. Almost 13 people were treated for serious injuries and currently fighting with the injuries. The driver of the bus was also killed in the accident. The people were immediately sent to the hospital in the ambulance but a very huge number of people lost their lives in the accident. Now, the police identifying the bodies of the people who found dead.

The news channel on television regularly showing the faces of the people who lost their lives. It is also highlighted that road accident is very common in Indonesia because safety standards and infrastructure are very poor in the state. Every year, the very huge number of news of accidents comes into existence that shocked everyone. So, if you want to know more details and information related to the accident then stay connected with us. We will update here all the information that you want to know.


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