As we know India’s got talent is an amazing and outstanding show, it is very popular in India. It is running well on television with great TRP. This is the right platform to come true their dreams. This is the 9th season of the latest episode. We have seen their previous season that all were outstanding and entertaining.

India's Got Talent Season 9 19th February 2022 Episode Written Update

Previous contestants were superb, intelligent, and talented. They had gained amazing fame and popularity in India. contestants come on this stage with various talents, some come with magic talent, stunt, dance, and singing. In this season all contestants are very talented and amazing with creativity.

India’s Got Talent Season 9 Written Update

We have seen many episodes of the show, that all were amazing. And the upcoming episode will also be amazing. Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode, which is going to be very interesting and entertaining.

According to the report, Show is going to be very interesting and you will see Dharmendra will come on the show as a guest. He will enjoy the show with great performances and he will appreciate to all for the outstanding performance.

You will see all contestants will give the tribute to Bappi Da with a beautiful song Rishabh sings Kabhi “Alvida Na Kehna” and other contestants also sings with him. Let’s take a look at other performances that will win the heart of the audience and Judges.

You will see BS Reddy will show their new tricks of the magic, which will be fabulous. He Will show in the latest episode that he will cut a girl and in two parts on the table, he creates an amazing illusion on the stage all the audience and judges will be shocked after watching the performance of the BS Reddy. You will see Shilpa will also be a part of the magic.

You will see another performance that Nitish Bharti will give a fabulous performance, he will give a beautiful twist to his Sand art and with that, he will win the heart of the judges and Dharmendra. He will make an emotional moment with his performance.

Dharmendra will get emotional to hear that Nitish will mix the Sand of the Shenival and a background voice tells that Dharmenra wants to become like Dilip Ji. You will see next to the episode that Dharmendra and Kiran will share the stage to gather to learn their old memories, which will amazing to watch, don’t miss the latest episode. Stay tuned for more updates.


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