Here we are back with another written update of the latest episode, the show is very interesting and entertaining. This is a fantastic show, we have seen previous seasons of the show. All the were fantastic and outstanding because all the contestants that this stage can help them get fame from the public in India. They think this is the right platform to come true their dreams and to show their Talent as well.

India’s Got Talent 9 5th March 2022 Written Update

Several contestants get fame from this stage and they are doing great work in their careers. Now, this latest season of India’s got talent is also very amazing and fantastic. All the contestants have come there with brilliant talents, like singing, dancing, magic, and stunt as well.

India’s Got Talent 9 Written Update

According to the promo videos show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. You will see that Rohit Shetty will come as a guest in the show and he will join the judges. He will enjoy the show with amazing performances. And the amazing part of the show will be that Badshah requests Rohit Shetty and Shilpa Shetty re-enact the iconic comedy scene of Deepika and Sharukh from Chennai Express. The audience and judges burst into laughter on witnessing the hilarious chemistry between the two Shetty. Scroll down the page to know more highlights about the latest episode of India’s Got Talent.

On the basis of another promo video, You will see the magical performance of the contestants. They will win the heart of the judges and audience, Divanshu and Manuraj will give outstanding and entertaining performances. Rohit Shetty expresses his fascination with their presentation and the judges give the duo a straight golden buzzer making them safe for the week.

You will see that Rohit’s directed act of Warrior Squad, Badshah will say that this is the first time in history that Rohit Sheety will Direct an act on the platform. If you will take a look at the performance of Warrior Squad it will clearly recognize that this act was directed by Rohit Shetty, because it will be very powerful and strong. All the judges will get shocked to see this act.

Despite this, Rohit Shetty will say to Badshah as a friend that he make a song with Manuraj and Divyansh. Badshah will agree to this. Overall the episode is going to be very interesting and entertaining, If you want to watch the full episode then you can watch it on Sonytv at 8 PM. Stay tuned for more updates.


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