The only thing that most of the people want to do while they have a free time of 4 to 5 days is tourism. So, due to pandemic, many plans of people has been canceled and they have to live in their home in the long lockdown. Now, slowly many restaurants and hotels are opening their door for local guests and giving them very genuine experiences in less rush. Recently, very genuine news is coming forward that Kolahoi Ski Resort has become a sensation on the internet because of its uniqueness and awesome idea. All the owners of hotels and restaurants are trying to do something innovative to attracts guests.

Igloo Cafe Opens In Gulmarg Kashmir

The news coming from Gulmarg, Kashmir, and regularly hitting the internet by attracting many people towards it. The actual matter that happened there is Kolahoi Ski Resort innovate the restaurant in the shape of Igloo and give a name to it Igloo Cafe. In the cafe, people will get the table and chair made of ice and snow where all the visitors sit to enjoy the new experience of the restaurant. The servant is serving hot food for all the visitors to take all advantage of and experience by sitting in an Igloo and eating hot food to make it much better.

Let us tell you that the Igloo Cafe is 15 feet high and 26 feet round to contain lots of people in it. The doorway of the Cafe attracts every one toward it and many people visits there to take the awesome experience of the new restaurant. The design of the cafe is very genuinely expressed by the maker that completely steak the heart of the people by just looking it on. The doorway in the shape of arched and the pattern on the wall totally coming in the sensation on the internet. In the Igloo Cafe, there is a space for 16 people in which 4 tables are divided for the guests.

After the officials shared the pictures on social media then millions of people are loving them and giving their appreciation to the owners. Many people are want to visit there once in their life and the Igloo Cafe added in the wishes of many people. Igloo Cafe stated in the Gulmarg, Kashmir and many people want to visit there for getting the experience of uniqueness. Many people already visit there to eat hot food after sitting in an Igloo with their family and friends. So, you will also visit there to feel the best and astonishing experience to eat food in an Igloo. Stay tuned with us to know more amazing facts.


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