Recently, an incident took place in Terre Haute, Indiana. The video of the incident went viral on several social media platforms. So, the video clearly shows how cruel Terre Haute Police Department is. Yes, we are saying this because a policeman seen in the video is mercilessly kicking a dog just because the dog is barking at him thinking it is unknown.

Indiana Police Department under fire

The video was captured in a CCTV installed outside of the house where the police kicked the dog. After that, the video was shared by a Twitter user named Haley Richey.

Terre Haute Cop Brutally Kicks Dog Video Goes Viral

In the video, it is also clearly appearing that the name of the police officer is Jesse Chambers who kicked the dog. As the tweet alleges, the police were responding to a call informing them of attempted theft. Talking about the incident, an intruder broke into house Richie but his dogs chased him.

When the dogs start barking at the intruder, the neighbor called out the police to help. But, after the police arrived at the place, it become another issue, and the officer faced criticism from the netizens. The netizens also identify the officer as Sergeant Jesse Chambers.

However, the Ring Doorbell Video clearly shows that the officer approached the house’s front porch and brutally kicked one of the two dogs before banging the door. On Wednesday, a complete video was released by the Terre Haute PD in which it seems that a white pit bull charged at him before he approached the house’s front porch.

Later, the black Pitbull also arrived there and start barking at the officer. The PD also claimed that both officers reached the residence because of a complaint of aggressive dogs living in the estate.

After they both reached the place, they actually met with both dogs. When the police officer tried to run away from both the dogs, he adopted the wrong method of kicking the dog. The video also shows a neighbor talking about prior problems with the dogs. After the video went viral on the internet, it come in front of everyone that an unidentified male is living in the estate with two non-immunized animals.

Now, the video continuously getting viral on the internet, and many people talking about the incident that happened to the place. Many people continuously criticize the police officer who kicked the dog very brutally.


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