The most popular singing show on Sony Television named Indian Idol 12 is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The TRP of the show is raising high and high every week. The contestants of the show deliver excellent performances every week. The latest episode of the show is going to be aired tonight. The son of legendary singer Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar will arrive on the stage of the Indian Idol 12. Today’s episode is going to be very memorable and extraordinary.

indian idol

In today’s episode, Contestants delivers some mesmerizing and peaceful performance. All the contestants will give a tribute to RD Burman and Kishore Kumar. All the contestants seem very excited and overwhelmed. The Judges of the show will also seem very excited. Amit Kumar will give his blessing to all the contestants. The performance of the contestants will mesmerize everyone. Amit Kumar will share some moments of RD Burman and Kishore Kumar. Anjali, who sings “hume tumse pyaar kitna” song. On her performance, Amit Kumar will say, you are a pride of Amchi Mumbai, he praises her for the performance.

After her performance, Aditya will ask Amitji to sing two lines of the song. Amit sings. Neha will ask Amit that, like Anjali’s father who doesn’t eat most of the things, Kishoreji was also like him. On this, Amit tells everyone that Kishore da loved the sweet dish. His favorite sweet dish was Rabadi. “On the day, Kishore da passed away. He secretly went to the kitchen and ate rabadi. Audiences are eagerly waiting for the episode as Amit Kumar is about to come on the show. So, don’t forget to watch Indian Idol 12 on Sony Television Sat-Sun at 8:00 pm. Stay tuned with us for further updates.


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