In recent days, thousands of videos have been circulating on social media and people are seriously talking about it. Now, one more video is grabbing the attention of social media users across the world after a video of an Indian-American boy is circulating on social media. It has already taken place before but this time, the video is rising a serious situation among the people as the boy can be seen being bullied at his school. According to the sources, the incident took place in a Texas-based school in which an American student is bullying an Indian-American student who was sitting on the pantry to have his launch with friends.

Indian-American Student Bullied by American Student in School

The video has grabbed the attention of millions of Indians across the world as the Indian-American is bullied in an American school in front of all the students and friends. According to an NBC report, the parents of the bullied student said that there was suspended for three days after the incident. While the perpetrator was suspended for just a single day. The boy’s mother was quoted as,” It was horrible, I couldn’t sleep for three nights straight. It felt like I was being choked. I cried many times watching it”.

Indian-American boy bullied, choked in school

The boy’s mother is going through trauma as her 14-years-old child was bullied in the school and not only this, he was dragged from his table to the floor but no one interfere between them to stop this nonsense. As we can see in the video that the student can be seen asking the Indian-American student to get up from his seat but the student was denied to move up. When the Indian American refused to leave the seat, he was choked two times and forcefully removed from the seat.

Meanwhile, other students were hearing reacting over the matter but didn’t even try to stop it. A user on Twitter named Malini Basu wrote along with a video,” 14 y/o at Coppell Middle School North gets assaulted in the Cafeteria, while students just watched. Teen in chokehold faced 3 days of punishment. His parents are outraged. Other teens faced 1 day of punishment. Teen tells me, he didn’t want to fight back, & gets in trouble”.

The video was shared by fellow students of the school first and then, it went viral all over the social media from where it was watched by his parents. Many Indian students and users are also reacting over this incident.


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