Sony Entertainment Television is very famous and popular for its amazing and entertaining shows. One of the most famous television series named India Wali Maa become very famous after every day passing. As we know, all the television channel are regularly showing the same concept based television series. Many people felt bore while watching daily soap on all channels. Sony comes with a unique concept based series and now the idea of changing the taste of television series will be going to touch its success. The concept and the story lineup of the show India Wali Maa loved by many people and many viewers regularly watch the episodes of the television series.

india wali maa 30th october

The Upcoming Episode coming with Lots of Twists

The upcoming episode of the television series India Wali Maa starts with Rohan crying in his room. Kaku asks him not to hurt him. Rohan said the think of our parents, we have nothing except you, so, do not make any mistake. He sits and starts drinking Later, she asks for Chenu’s office. Chenu asks Vasu to not show his concern for Murthy’s Statement. Along with she said I need to go to do my job and you do your job. Chenu goes for her job and while she showing a 3D presentation to the clients, a technical difficulty occurred in the situation.

The clients said sorry we are late, so we will hold the meeting now and take it later. Chenu stops them and said I will show you the presentation on the laptop. Later, Kaku reaches the office and asks for Chenu on the reception. The receptionist calls Chenu and asks her that somebody is coming to meet you but Chenu tells that I’m Busy. Kaku asks that she will wait for her and she sits down. The girl on reception stand and says to Kaku that you sit on a dustbin and Kaku replies that what but it look so good.

Later, the girl said that Chenu cannot meet you, don’t waste your time and go. The upcoming episode of the television series India Wali Maa will be more interesting with lots of twists and turns. If you like to watch the serial then don’t miss to watch the upcoming episode because it will be more interesting and all the star casts give their best performance in the episode. The show is airing at 08:30 pm and all the viewers are always ready to watch the show.


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