As we know that Father’s Day is on Sunday and India will be playing against Pakistan on the same day. This coincidence has burned up the market as many memes and trolls are going on the internet of being India as the father of Pakistan. It is going to be so interesting that who will win this year? Any guesses?? Yeah, India it is. After launching the famous Mauka Mauka version of World Cup 2019, Star Sports has gained 1.7 million YouTube views in just a day.

India v/s Pakistan Father’s Day Memes

In the ad of Star Sports Mauka Mauka, we can see that it is the continued version of Patake Kab Phodege campaign. In this, a kid asks from his dad (Pakistan) that when they will win. His father asks him to wait and keep trying that one day they will win as his father told him to do so. Another boy who was sitting there in the blue Indian T-shirt depicting India asks when did I say that. Trolls are coming that India is the father of Pakistan and Pakistan will be playing with its father on Father’s day 2019 itself.

India vs Pakistan 2019 Mauka Mauka and Father's Day Memes, Trolls, Images
Image Source: CricShoot
India vs Pakistan 2019 Mauka Mauka and Father's Day Memes, Trolls, Images
Image Source: Meme

The humour in the ad has paved the new topic for the YouTubers and the memes page holders to troll Pakistan. India v/s Pakistan always remains the controversial topic in India as well as Pakistan because of the not so good relationships between the two countries. But the Mauka Mauka ad is facing criticism “Such an ad makes you look like a better and bigger brand. The Star Sports ad, however, rides on the predominant jingoistic sentiment prevalent in the country,” he noted, adding “If the Mauka Mauka ad was a social media meme on a digital platform it would have been just a passing thing, but this is made by a reputed broadcaster and a big agency, which makes it even more crass. You don’t have to make fun of two countries which have split from you. The worst thing would be if India loses. This ad would backfire completely.

See the original Star Sports Mauka Mauka ad below:





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