Virat Kohli, born on November 5, 1988, stands as an eminent figure in Indian international cricket. He formerly served as the captain of the Indian national cricket team and presently represents the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL, while also participating in domestic cricket for Delhi. His exceptional skills and remarkable batting prowess have earned him a reputation as one of the sport’s most outstanding cricketers. Kohli’s distinctive style of play and immense popularity have led to him being affectionately nicknamed “The King” and “The Chaser,” a testament to his dominance on the field. Throughout his career, he has etched his name in the record books, amassing numerous records in all formats of the game. Notably, in 2020, the International Cricket Council recognized him as the male cricketer of the decade.

virat kohli

Furthermore, Kohli’s leadership has been instrumental in India’s cricketing triumphs. He captained the national team from 2014 to 2022 and played a pivotal role in India’s victories, including the 2011 World Cup and the 2013 Champions Trophy. Kohli’s contribution to Indian cricket cements his status as one of the all-time greats in the sport. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 clash between India and New Zealand on October 22 saw a remarkable surge in viewership, breaking records. Over 4 crore viewers tuned in when Virat Kohli was on the verge of reaching a century. Kohli’s bid for a century fell just five runs short, but Ravindra Jadeja played a pivotal role in securing India’s victory, marking their first ICC World Cup win against New Zealand since 2003. India maintained their undefeated streak in the ICC World Cup 2023, securing a 4-wicket victory over New Zealand.

The viewership of 4.3 crore for this cricket match exceeded that of the India vs. Pakistan game, which had a live audience of 3.5 crore. To provide some context, the FIFA World Cup 2022 final, featuring Argentina and France, was viewed by 3.2 crore people in India through the JioCinema app. These numbers signify a significant milestone in terms of cricket viewership in India.

While there is widespread enthusiasm about these record-breaking numbers, some argue that the increase in viewership is likely due to improved technology and infrastructure. In the past, when people watched cricket on Doordarshan or cable TV, it is believed that viewership for major matches like this one would have surpassed 4.3 crore, or perhaps the entire nation would have been engaged in watching. In this view, the increase in viewership can be attributed to advancements in cloud infrastructure and the availability of various streaming options. Nevertheless, the high viewership numbers underscore the enduring popularity of cricket in India, reaffirming that major cricket matches remain a significant part of the country’s sporting and entertainment culture.


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