The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, commonly known as the Cricket World Cup, stands as the preeminent international championship for One Day International (ODI) cricket. Administered by the International Cricket Council (ICC), this prestigious event occurs every four years, encompassing preliminary qualification rounds leading to a climactic finals tournament. Renowned as one of the most-watched sporting events across the globe, the World Cup holds the esteemed position of being the “flagship event of the international cricket calendar,” according to the ICC.[3] It is universally recognized as the pinnacle championship within the realm of cricket. The inaugural World Cup unfolded in England in June 1975, marking a watershed moment in the history of cricket. The commencement of ODI cricket had transpired a mere four years before this historic event. Notably, a distinct Women’s Cricket World Cup had already taken place two years before the initiation of the men’s tournament. Furthermore, an earlier international competition involving multiple teams had occurred as early as 1912, featuring a triangular series of Test matches involving Australia, England, and South Africa.

India Vs Australia Final

The restaurant industry is buzzing with excitement as India gears up to face Australia in the highly anticipated cricket World Cup final in Ahmedabad on Sunday. Bars and breweries, in particular, are anticipating a surge in sales, with some establishments expecting to double their regular Sunday revenues. Rakshay Dhariwal, the founder of the popular restaurant chain Pings Cafe Orient, notes that their outlets screening the match are anticipating a significant boost in sales. Swadeep Popli, the founder of Delhi-based brewery Flow, and The Chatter House reports a 30% revenue increase during the semi-finals and expresses hope for similar numbers during the final. In Delhi, Bira 91 Tap Room and Kakapo will also be screening the match, with Tap Room aiming to recreate the stadium atmosphere with traditional drummers in attendance.

Udit Bagga, the founder of Kakapo, revealed a 16% rise in revenue during the India-Pakistan clash and expects a 20% jump on Sunday. Pradeep Shetty, the president of the Hotel and Restaurant Association (Western India) and based in Mumbai, suggests that many popular outlets may experience sold-out situations, but the precise impact on business remains uncertain. Shetty notes a semi-final uptick of 10-20%, and a similar trend is anticipated for the final. In Bengaluru, bars are gearing up for increased business, with popular pubs reporting guest waitlists. Establishments like Toit, Arbor Brewing Company, and Byg Brewski are set to screen the matches. Gaurav Sikka, Managing Director of Arbor Brewing Co. India, mentions a 10-15% expected increase in business, with large group bookings already received for the match day. Toit, with bars in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune, is screening the matches at all its venues and has witnessed substantial group bookings on days when India has played matches.


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