Healthy lifestyle is in trend and everyone is trying to get in shape and to prevent diseases. The scientists are also doing many researches to reveal the magic food which are so able to prevent the diseases and keep us healthy. Old people were prone to the heart diseases more but now everybody is prone to the diseases because of the changing lifestyle and absence of exercise or physical work.

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Basically Heart of our body is the most important and crucial organ of our body. Important function of heart is to pump the oxygenated blood to all the parts of the body in order to keep them functioning. But what if Heart is not able to pump blood conveniently, It is because of some blockage of arteries which occurs due to some deposition.

Surprisingly you do not need to do much change in daily habits and routine of your life and just a small change is capable of providing you lots of benefits.

  1. Broccoli- It is the magical vegetable and scientists claim that it contain specific compounds which are highly beneficial in treating or preventing many diseases. Consuming broccoli and other green vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage can lead a person towards a healthy heart.

2. Exercise-  Heart needs to pump blood and in this sedentary life everyone wants luxurious life and nobody is interested to pain their body. For heart, light exercise is the best medicine and it really shows significant positive changes. Sedentary lifestyle ultimately makes you obese and lazy which further leads to heart diseases. Add some light exercises in your schedule.

3. Proper Sleep-  Skiping the right time to sleep and waking up late stresses your cardiac muscles and pushes you towards heart stroke. Taking sound sleep for at least 7 hours does matter a lot.

4. Healthy Diet- Eat healthy to stay fit. Obviously most of the nutrients comes from the food in our body so what we are eating is also important. Adding ginger, cloves in your food helps heart a lot to pump blood and it also clears any blockage in the arteries carrying blood.


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