The episode starts with Ridhima gets a doll along with a letter that reads Why did you kill me, Mumma. All the family members come to the drawing-room and ask Ridhima who sent this letter. Vyom thinks that there is someone who knows Ridhima’s secret. Ridhima says that the letter was not for her, she has received it only. The face of the doll was impaled which scared everyone. Dadi advises Ridhima to stay out of this as it can be harmful to her pregnancy. Ridhima is curious to know about the person who tried to send this message to her. The next morning Dadi and Ridhima sign some documents. Chanchal asks about the documents then Dadi says that Vansh made a trust of 100 crores for his child, and he made Ridhima a Nominee. Chanchal is happy

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2


to know that and appreciates Vansh’s secure his child’s future. Chanchal asks Ishani to dress well and says that she has a doubt about Ridhima’s pregnancy. Isani says that why is Ridhima doing such things as this truth will come out soon. Chanchal says that she is doing all this for money as Vansh has made a trust of 100 crores for their child and made Ridhima the nominee.

She asks Chanchal to make a plan to expose Ridhima. Ridhima is thinking about the Black Mamba and has a doubt about family members.

Chanchal comes to Ridhima and asks her if she needs anything. She says that she will look after her throughout her pregnancy. She gives her juice to drink and spills on Ridhima’s clothes intentionally. Chanchal asks Ridhima to change her clothes and looks for her purse. On the other side, Ishani calls someone and asks her for a doll who can talk.

she informs her that the last doll was sold to a man. Ishani is shocked to know that a man sent the doll to Ridhima. Angre overhears Ishani and asks her about the doll. He says Ishani that he brought that doll for Ridhima as Vansh asks him to buy it.

Ishani asks him that who stabbed the doll and left it in their room. Angre says that someone knows the truth. Ishani asks him about the truth he was talking about. Angre says that he is pretty sure that Ridhima is lying about her pregnancy and planning something big against Vansh. Chanchal comes to their room and takes Ishani outside.

She shows her the medicines she stolen from Ridhima’s purse. Ishani is shocked to know that the medicine was prescribed for the miscarriage and the episode ends here. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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