Today’s episode starts with Ishani says that Rishima is the cause of everything wrong happening in their family. She blames Ridhima for a fight between Vansh and Angre. She revealed that Ridhima called Thapa using her name. Vansh beat Angre and insulted him. Vansh scolds Ishani and says that Ridhima never tried to insult anyone and never thought of doing anything wrong to anyone. He cannot even imagine that she would kill Ridhima for this. Vansh asks Ishani to apologize to Ridhima for this but she denied it and said that this is what Ridhima deserves. This makes Vansh more aggressive and he says if I have given you the privilege to do anything in this house then don’t misuse it.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

I will forget that you are my family and you know what else I can do. Be at your limit and respect your relations. Ishani apologizes to Ridhima and she accepts it. On the other side, Sara gets and call where a man asks her to update them about the assignment he has given to her. She says that it will be completed soon and she will call him back.

Ridhima overhears everything and takes her mobile. She asks Sara whom she was talking to and what assignment she was talking about. Sara says that she will know everything once I completed my assignment. Ridhima warns her not to do anything wrong to Vansh. Sara says that she is not well

and Ridhima gives her medicines and asks her to rest. Sara refuses to take medicine and says that she is not Gayatri and she can take care of herself. Ishani argues with Angre and says a man is no longer a man if he cannot save the pride of his wife.

She says that she hates Ridhima as she made her apologize in front of each family member and she will not spare her. Angre asks her to calm down and talk to him after some time. She says that Ridhima called Thapa from my number and you think she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Ridhima sees the wound on Vyom’s hand and got worried. Vyom says that this is also given by Vansh but this is not your concern anymore, I will handle it on my own. She asks him to dress the wound but he says that I am your enemy and it would be good if you stay away from me.

He says that I tried to harm your family but still you have sympathy in your eyes. You are the only kind person in Singhania’s family, but why did you marry Vansh? To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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