Let’s start the upcoming much-anticipated episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 as the episode starts with Riddhima who asking to Vansh that how she is looking. When Vansh looks at her, he gets hypnotized by her and says she is looking different Today. Then, he comes close to her, holds her hands, and kiss on her hands to appreciate her exceptional beauty. When he comes close to her, he says that her perfume is so familiar to him. After hearing this, Riddhima feels worried as she earlier dances with Vansh in the avatar of Roy. Later, Riddhima makes him led to the bed and keeps him silent.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st july 2021

In the next scene, she says that she will be going to show all her charm and gorgeousness that he is searching for in another woman. She comes to close him, kiss him, and hugs him to give him a very beautiful feel. Suddenly, Vansh sneezes and stands up but Riddhima apologizes to him. She further says that she does not want to bore him. All that she does is just give a romantic and exciting boost to their relationship and also says that she want to love him in different ways. After hearing all this, Vansh says that he did not want any change in Riddhima’s personality and asks her to love in the way she is.

Riddhima agrees with his words and tells that she will never do anything like this again. They both hug each other and make the moment memorable for each other. In the next scene, we will see that Dadi sees Riddhima in the form of Roy. Dadi comes to her and asks a question that why he is doing breakfast alone. Riddhima replies that no one comes for the breakfast, so, she starts eating alone. Later, Dadi asks her for the deal and she replies that it is going well. Also, Dadi asks her to eat properly.

Later, Riddhima tells her that she killed her grandmother because she is very talkative and had sharp tongue. She further says that her grandmother used to take out a rifle on small matters but one day she got a chance to kill her grandmother with her own rifle and she killed her. He shot his grandmother with her grandmother’s rifle and sent her to heaven. After hearing all this, Dadi feels worried and leaves the place. It is cleared that Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is actually going on very well and amusing all the fans by showing some brilliant episodes with an amazing story.


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