The episode starts with Arohi is in hospital and sees her b baby in sonography. She talks to her baby that her father will come to know that you are his baby when you will come into this world. Aarohi got emotional while remembering the moments she spent with deep. Arohi asks for her phone as I won’t tell this to my husband. She says that we are not allowed to let anyone call from the hospital. Aarohi requests her to make a call. She says that this is important to call my husband and tell him the truth.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3 19th July 2021

Aarohi requests doctors to make her a call. They allow and she calls deep. Deep picks the call and says that I have something to share with you. The doctor calls Aarohi and says that is that Deep? Doctors ask him to come here to know the condition of the patient. Tara hears on another line.

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Deep leave from there and Tara asks him where are you going now? Can you go with Chawani to his presentation? He says that I will go with her. The doctor advises Arohi to stay here for a few days as her condition is not good. An abnormal patient tries to attack Arohi. Doctors ask her if she is fine? She says I am fine, and just want to see Deep.

Deep comes to Tara and hugs her. Chawani comes and says that he has come to collect keys. Deep says that I am coming and smiles to see Tara. Deep goes to the hospital and hugs Arohi. He says that our child will annoy us like this. Arohi says that this is not easy to handle kids and I will handle them. Arohi says that will be our child so will both handle them.

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She asks who is going to take care of me. Deep said I will do that. Tara comes to the hospital to see Aarohi. she asks what are you doing here? She says you invited my husband to the hospital and you asked me what are you doing here? Deep says that God has given me everything I ever wanted to. Tara days Arohi that you invited me here.

So I came and says that he is my husband and to stop annoying him. She says who are you and what are you up to. I know you are not Arohi as she is dead now. You are planning something else. I burnt her and she died. Aroj says that I don’t want to remember all this. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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