WATCH: Immie Swain Video: How To Spot The Signs Of Autism In Pupils: This is to make you informed about Britain star Jonathan Swain’s named Immie Swain been diagnosed with autism. Yes, Jonathan Swain’s daughter has issues with autism. But it is notable that she was not diagnosed till she did not cross 15 years of age mark. In general cases, the diagnosis of any disease or illness comes from a medical check or doctors’ consultancy but in the case of Immie Swain, her disease was diagnosed at the school. However, the school, teacher, and her classmates took a significant time to diagnose Immie Swain’s autism. Yes, she was struggling with autism during her schooling days. Meanwhile, Immie Swain also shares her experience and struggle during her schooling days. You have to read down the further section to learn more about Immie Swain’s disease and illness. Follow For More Updates

Immie Swain Video

Immie Swain Video

Apart from Immie Swain’s school teachers and schoolmates, her mother also did not find out about Immie’s struggle with autism. One day Immie Swain’s mother named Nicole was reading a novel titled Watching You written by Lisa Jewell, then she compared her daughter with a character in the novel that has the issue with autism. After getting a sense of autism in her daughter she carried out a clinical assessment back in 2019 in the month of November. That was the point when Immie’s parents got to know about their daughter’s struggle with autism.

It was a point when Immie Swain was about to begin her 5th school and she was 15 years of age, says Jonathan Swain. Now, Jonathan Swain is 49 years of age while her daughter has become 17 years of age as of 2022. Immie said that there were many girls around her but no one spotted her problem for years. She also added that a school is really an overwhelming place for an autistic person and it requires a lot of courage and energy to settle there. In addition, autistic persons are also sensitive to sounds, smells, and light.

Immie Swain said that the school had always been a difficult place for her she used to get exhausted and overwhelmed. Even some days she could not go to school at all and used to cry while getting ready for school. However, a teacher used to settle me and helped me to adjust in the classroom and involved with other students. But it all took enough energy and courage for me. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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