The latest episode of “Imlie” is ready to entertain its audience with its new twists and plots which will surely gain the love from the side of audiences. In this article, we are sharing the written update of today’s episode on 3 May 2021. Let’s unfold the upcoming twists of the show and what’s new is cooking in the upcoming tracks. The episode begins with Malini who is talking to Aditya and revealing that when they were in college she used to like someone else. Aditya says he doesn’t care about it as it was her past but she says she is now realizing that she cannot live without him.


She added she is getting entice to him, she knows all their oaths and relationships became frail in fore of him, she is getting entice to him anyhow, she should tell this Adi aback when and should not suppose to hide all this thing as they are first good friends and she never used to hide anything before, she broke the trust of Adi. Adi says nothing is like that and you did not do any disloyalty, but life did.

He added don’t be feeling ashamed you did not do anything wrong and he is not annoyance on her. He asks her to calm down and relaxed and he says he is happy that she shared her feeling with him. He says he also needs the to courage for uttering the truth in front of her and then she says he can share his truth but Adi says fave your food first and then he goes to bring food.

When Adi leaves the room, she starts crying and thinks she lied to him so that he can utter the truth but Adi didn’t even care that she has someone else in her life and Adi takes it very casually. It means that he doesn’t love her anymore and then she began crying. On the other side, Aparna says that Imlie is the reason for the issues which is emerging between Adi and Maliniand he asks them to think about it. In this reply, Tauji says how can Imlie is the reason for their issues and why all the people in the house is blaming her for everything.

On the other side, Imlie overhears their conversation and thinks about what will go to happen when they get to know that Imlie is the reason for Malini suicide attempts. It is going to interesting to watch when Adi will tell the truth to Malini and how she is going to react but to know this thing the readers need to wait for Monday but till then enjoy our other articles on our website and watch this episode of “Imlie” on the star plus channel at 8:30 PM.


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