The latest episode of Imlie begins with Malini as Malini prepares to go to college and packs her tiffin. She says that the exams are ending and she has to submit the students’ answers and question papers. However, despite this, the children of the house ask Malini why she is going to college today? She says that I have already taken a lot of holidays so now I cannot take any more holidays but the children urge her to take leave and in the end, she agrees with the children and takes one more holiday.


In the next scene, she bites the call and she tells the housemates that Aditya has received a great award for the journalism of his creations and everyone gets happy and excited knowing this. She says that today she will cook for him and in this joy, will give him a surprise. Along with this, everyone including Aparna goes on to help her in the kitchen. She is shy Meanwhile, Imlie comes and asks them why are you bothering all Malini so much?

Now that Aditya has received such a huge award for his work, it is obvious that Malini will be excited about this. We would like to tell you that not only Malini but everyone is very excited to hear this news. On the other hand, Aditya says that he is grateful to his editor and people in the workplace as well as his family members. Furthermore, he says that he is thankful to his wife Malini because his wife always supports him and supports him in all circumstances.

Further, we see that after leaving the workplace, he is impatient to meet Malini and show the prize. In the next scene, Aditya reaches home with the award but then Imlie does something wrong and Malini does not feel good seeing this. However, in the end, Imlie apologizes and gifts Aditya a silver coin as Shagun and Aditya keep the coin with him as he wants to manage the matter. It will be interesting to see how much happy Aditya will be seeing Malini’s gift for which he is eagerly waiting to gets her gift. If you want to know more then do not forget to watch this upcoming episode of Imlie.


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