The episode starts with Emilie is not well and Satyakam rushes toward the city to bring the doctor to treat Emilie. The police are searching for Satyakam and asking each passenger to show Satyakam’s picture if they have seen him. Aditya is traveling in his car then suddenly he sees that one policeman is coming to him. They ask Aditya have you seen this man, Aditya says he is a journalist from Delhi. he was here for some work and now is returning to Delhi. He refuses that he hasn’t seen this man. The policeman asks him to drop him at the bus stand and step into his car. Satyakam is worried about Emilie and asks Chandu to call Aditya and tell him about Emilie’s condition.


Aditya will surely help us. ThenChandu sees Aditya’s car and stops him. He tells him that Emilie got an infection a few days back. She is on her medicines and we want a doctor to treat her.  Aditya says he is going for some important work and e cannot help them in this case. At home, Vaidya is trying his best to treat Emilie but he cannot stop her bleeding for a long time and they have to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Satyakam lifts Emilie on her back and decides to take her to the hospital to walk through the way of the forest. He takes Mithi with them. Emilie says Dadda has become Jhansi ki rani. They try to hide from the police. Satyakam says he will surrender to the police. But Emilie asks him to give her a promise that he will come to the hospital to see her. Then Mithi lifts Emilie on her back and signs Satyakam to hide. Then the inspector stops Mithi and checks Emilie’s wound. He recognized that this is a gunshot wound.

The Inspector says they are Satyakam’s people and ask them to tell him about Satyakamter. Mithi says we don’t know about him and please leave us as we need to get her to the hospital. The Inspector inform everyone through walkie talkie that we have caught his relatives but Satyakam is escaped. He says that the daughter is around 17- 18years old and is injured. Aditya overhears their conversation and thinks about Emilie. He steps out of his cars and comes to them. Mithi shouts at the inspector that she will kill him if anything wrong would happen to her daughter.

The inspector tries to slap her but Aditya comes and stops him from doing this. He warns him that he is the Chief Editor of a new paper and he will destroy his career. Aditya asks the Inspector to call an ambulance. He says that it will take at least an hour to reach here. Aditya says we cannot take the risk so he finds a cart and asks Emilie to wake up till they reach the hospital. He gets emotional recalling the past incident when he scolds Emilie. He asks her to fight with him like before. But she got unconscious. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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