Here we are back with another written update of the most prominent show Imlie. This show is running with the great TRP on television. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Aryan thanking her and doubts if Imlie will like it. Jyoti says it is weird that he doesn’t know about her choices and doubts their similarity and him adjusting forcefully with Imlie. He says he married with his wish there is no compromise in their relationship.

Imlie 9th May 2022 Full Episode Written Update

Nila comes into the room and she keeps the candles under the curtains and hides behind them. Jyoti says their choice is the same and they think the same. Aryan says Imlie is not like others and she has different qualities. Jyoti realizes the shoes and she goes from there to thinking soon Aryan will realize that Imlie and Aryan are not for each other.

Imlie home comes back in a shocking state recalling Nargi’s accident and critical condition. Aryan asks how are the candles smelling and seeing her in a panic state and with bloodstains on her dress gets concerned for her. She hugs him tightly and tell him about the incident. He calms her down. She says she did lots of efforts to save Nargis, but she slipped into the condition coma and is a critical condition. Aryan comforts her and promises to take care of Nargis.

She says sorry to Aryan but does not tell him everything on time. He says it’s okay. Imlie sees candles and asks if there is a power cut. There is a backup generator in this house. She asks why are these candles for. He makes her sit he will get a coffee for them. She starts her usual silly conversation. They enter 9iin the kitchen. His work is incomplete. They spent a good time with each other. Jyoti watches them and gets jealous. Sundar fixes his wedding photo on a wall and tells Arpita he thought his picture is only important on Adhaar’s card later marrying her,  he felt his importance in real life. Narmada enters with a night lamp for them and gets emotional seeing their happiness.

Jyoti feels jealous seeing Aryan and Imlie’s closeness and thinks she should plan better next time. She calls her husband, who is Harry and taunts him to visit her girlfriend Nargis. He tells that she is not his girlfriend. She says next she will make better to teach her lesson. Madhav walks to her and asks her to call Imlie. He leaves nervously saying he will talk later to Imlie Ayran comes to her and asks if someone had come.

She drops her mobile in shock and says a body had come asking for Imlie, she felt a negative vibe from him. He tries to pick up her mobile when he hears Imlie shouting and rushes towards her. Imlie walks to her room and watches the curtain is catching fire. Nila thinks Jyoti will be responsible for this. Aryan rushes to the room and closing the door sets off the fire with water. Stay tuned for more updates.


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