n;t Here we are back with the written update of the most prominent show. This show running well with the great TRP. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Aryan coming back to Arpita and asking her why she has to leave after marriage. He says he will change such customs as he is Aryan Singh Rathore. Arayan says when Arpita will become a mother, she will forget him and will love her kids only. Arpita says he will be Mamau and he will love more.

Imlie 4th May 2022 Full Written Update

Narmada tells the house to check the things she ordered to fulfill Nanda’s demands. Nanda says to Narmada that anything should not be missing from the list, which she has given. She says everything is ok according to the list. Narmada says to all helpers that no one should know about these dowry items. Imlie comes and asks about this and asks what is she doing, the latter lies she was checking the things for Pooja. However, Imlie has doubts.

During the wedding, Imlie wonders how Nanda and Nila are looking happy suddenly. Aryan says to Imlie why is she looking disturbed. Imlie goes to tie the knot of the pair. You will see that Imlie says to Nanda that she has to give an answer to the police. Nanda gets scared and confesses that she doesn’t want to get detained and Imlie should send return the police.

Imlie says that Sundar is not a kid, he earns money and he can take his life decisions. Narmda says to Imlie don’t create drama they are just giving some to Arpita. Imlie says that she saw many heartbreaking cases related to dowry just because the bride is not self-sufficient and not educated.

Imlie says Narmada should not support such evil customs. Sundar says he is not going anywhere but he will marry Arpita only. Imlie says she has an idea and she asks for a big scale. The things will be compared to Arpita to the weight if is heavier then they have to take her home. Nanda says this is a stupid idea and Nila says Imlie will not lose that easily. Imlie says Arpita’s simplicity is heavier than all the stuff and Nila makes cartoons fall down from the scale. She says Imlie took out all the stuffs from the cartoons. Stay tuned for more updates.


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