Here we are sharing a written update of the most popular show Imlie. This show has gained huge popularity among people. People love to watch this show. They eagerly wait for the next episode. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. Imlie going to perform Vrat Savitri Puja. Narmada taunts the latter acting to keep fast. Arpita says why Gudiya is keeping fast, she is unmarried. Nila says Gudiya has been keeping fast for Aryan for a long but Imlie came between them.

Imlie, 31st May 2022 Written Update

Imlie stops Arpita and says not to react. If Gudiya wants to do this so let her do this. Imlie performs the ritual of the Pooja by tying the thread. She feels uneasy and thinks about what happened to her. Gudiya says Jyoti has gone office with Aryan, she says to Nila that she wants to close Aryan. Nila says don’t think too much.

Imlie suddenly faints and falls down then a lady checks her. On the other hand, Aryan says that Imlie should not keep fast. it was not needed. Jyoti and Aryan seeing jewelry. She says that he has given her earrings in college but he ignores her by saying that Imlie doesn’t like jewelry but he wants to give her something special. Madhav comes in and tells him that he went for a sting operation with Imlie two weeks ago. Jyoti tries to provoke Aryan saying why Imlie hid this from him. Aryan says he is proud of her and she did it for their channel’s profit only.

The lady tells that Imlie is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked to hear this. Nila says it is not possible because she has a defect. The last says that she has experienced it for a long time and she has handled several pregnant ladies. They should consult a doctor. The doctor’s report says that she is pregnant. Narmada gets overjoyed and the whole family celebrates the moment Narmada says she made a huge mistake by doubting Imlie. Jyoti gets furious and learns Imlie didn’t take the supplement yet due to fast. Aryan comes home and Narmada tries to hide her happiness, Arpita tries to cover it by saying that she is laughing because of a funny joke.

Imlie dances out to show her happiness and then Aryan goes towards with the gift to her. She says that she has something more special to give him. Then Imlie smells gas from the kitchen and notices that the pipe is damaged. Before she could do something Jyoti sets the kitchen on fire. Aryan saves Imlie and gets injured instead. Narmada stops Imlie from going to the kitchen for her safety. However, Imlie goes and saves him from danger. Aryan recalls he wanted to make Imlie the executive reporter of Bhaskar Times and so this is the gift for her from his side because she doesn’t like jewelry. Episode ends.


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