We are back with another written update of the most prominent show. This show is running with great TRP on television. Yes, we are talking about Imlie. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Narmada telling Uday that he is not good for Arpita but Aryan and Imlie are made for each other the way they made the food together. Nila gets angry and says that Imlie doesn’t like her from the first. She reveals that Imlie has called Sundar, Uday gets upset and says he can’t bear his disrespect, but Nila tries to stop him and convinces him. Sundar comes to the Rathor mention with Maali Kofta but Uday says he should not forget his place.

Imlie 27th April 2022 Written Update

He says that Arpita will never like him, and Sundar leaves from there. Uday enters again in the house with the Malai Kofta and says he has cooked again according to Arpita. But this Mali kofta has made by Sundar but he said lie that he has cooked. However, Imlie catches his lie to recognize the tiffin box. When Imlie is about to tell everyone about the truth, Nila stops her and says that Aryan will never give permission to Arpita and Sundar’s relationship.

Arpita gives her consent for the marriage. Narmada announces their engagement. Imlie says she has to do something and stop this engagement. Imlie gets ready and comes in front of Aryan. He gets mesmerized looking at her. He calls her pretty. She then explains Uday is not good for Arpita and Arpita will never be happy with him. Imie tries several things to convince him and gives several facts about Arpita’s feelings.

She says Arayan can’t understand women, ladies don’t always express their real feelings. She says several things, which women can’t explain. Aryan says Uday can change his faults and Imlie can’t judge him. Arpita is not poor but she is a strong and powerful woman. She has no problem with Uday. He adds Imlie should stay away from their family matters. Imlie gets disheartened hearing that and says Aryan doesn’t consider her as a part of his family. She says why she can’t call any house her own.

But she decides not to lose hope. Arpita complained about Arvind’s photo saying why he left her like this. Arpita thanks Imlie for saving her from them. She refuses to talk to Imlie regarding choosing Sundar for herself. Arpita comes out for the engagement and everyone praises her. Imlie says she will expose Uday for misbehaving with that old lady. She orders a waiter to drop food on Uday’s clothes knowingly to see his reaction. When the waiter does the same but Uday reacts totally opposite and he behaves very politely. Aryan understands Imlie is planning something for sure. Episode ends.


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