The famous show Imlie is going well with unique stories and twists. The show has fantastic characters. The latest episode starts with Imlie sitting on the Jhula. Jyoti puls the rope and Imlie falls down. She falls ns Aryan hols her. He takes her to the hospital, and their doctor tests her, and she finds that Imlie is not pregnant. Narmada says Imlie taste in with the kit. The doctor says many times these tests are wrong. Narmad says to Doctor her test also can be wrong. Then doctor tests again.

Imlie, Today's Episode 26th May 2022 Written Update

Imlie asks Aryan about Chiku but he diverts the topic the doctor comes and says Imli is not pregnant, and she says that she has fertility problems so she can’t be a mother in the future. Gudiya Gets happy and she appreciates Jyoti. Jyoti tells that first she gave money to the doctor but she denies saying that her profession doesn’t allow her to lie to her patients. After that, she threatens her that she will kill her.

Imlie looks at a couple who are playing with their kid. She gets emotional and Arayan comes to her. She says she snatched the happiness of being a father. He stops her saying she didn’t hurt him or snatch anything from him. They won’t lose hope and they will conduct further tests. He says there are several chances of being parents.  Aryan consoles Imlie and asks her to believe in Sita Maiya. Aryan shattered her tears and says she knows Aryan he is equally tense after hearing this bad news.

She won’t let him fall apart. Narmada says that Aryan can never become a father Arpita says we should not talk about all these in front of Aryan and Imlie. They are already stressed. Nila says now will handle the name of the family. Arpita says that she can love Arpita and Sundar’s child. Nila says he is the servant of the house. Arpita says don’t bring a topic in front of Aryan and Imlie.

Aryan comes and says to Sundar that today he will cook with him. The ladies will take a rest today. Aryan decides to make french fries and a chocolate shake. He teases  Arpita and the latter also teases him. Aryan asks her to focus on work and sends her to prepare reports. Nila Provokes against Imlie. She tells her that her relative’s wife got pregnant after the Jhadphuk. Narmada convinced. Gudiya asks her why the latter gave ideas to Narmada. She says this is her planing and she knows that Imlie will not support such rituals. Narmada will be angry with her if Imlie denies it.


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