Here we are sharing a written update of the most prominent show Imlie, this show is running with good TRP on television. According to the promo video, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Rathores preparing for Uday’s welcome. Nila says why Imlie wants Uday to cook food for Arpita. Gudiya says that was not needed. Aryan says it is just a cooking test and Imlie wants to see can recognize or understand Uday Arpita’s choice or not and whether he is good to cook or not. Nila dares Aryan to cook for Imlie and she feels Aryan will get chafed and will start hating Imlie.


Uday comes to the mansion with a flower bouquet and Ilmlie gets furious after seeing him. She tells him that day he was insulting an old woman but he replies that she was a thief thus he had to react like this. Aryan says to Imlie that he should have said to him earlier about this. He says they can give him another chance to Uday. Imlie stands with Aryan and on the left side, Arpita stands with Uday. Imlie tells Arpita that she will give instructions to their partners on how to cook their favorite dishes. Imlie calls Sundar and gives him the chance to make favourite dish for Arpita. Imlie keeps the phone on the desk with others’ knowledge. Arpita says she likes Malai Kofta and she does know cooking but she knows how to make Malai Kofta. Uday doesn’t take advice from her.

Imlie tells she likes Moti Roti and tells Aryan to take how much quantity of floor and other instructions. He gives lots of facts on the healthy Moti Roti with a perfect shape. He carefully makes it and she teases him in middle. He shows the dish with english name everyone gets confused. Imlie tastes it and cries. Aryan goes to get water but she says the dish is so tasty it reminds her of Meethi. Aryan asks her to meet her mother, and Imlie ignores and remembers her mother’s words during the wedding. He thinks he was Meethi and Imlie is having issues.

Narmada tastes Uday’s dish but it was very spicy. She says that Arpita can’t eat that. Imlie rejects Uday as Arpita’s life partner. Aryan says that how can she do this on the basis of his cooking. She says it is not about cooking it’s about the coordination of the couple. Imlie says he can take the advice of Arpita but she is hungry yet now. Narmada says Imlie is right and she says Aryan and Imlie are made for each other. Nila hears Sundar saying that he will come into the home with the Malai Kofta.


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