This show is one of the popular shows which people love to watch, Here we are with the written update of Imlie:  Imlie going to open the door and Aryan comes and stops her for not touching the metal door as it can harm her and he take the responsibility for her and her baby. Aryan moves towards the door and Jyoti comes and says that as she read his natal chart and metal is not good for him for today but he says he doesn’t believe in such superstition. He holds Imlie in his arms and kicks the door and takes her to their room. Jyoti gets jealous after watching their bonding

Imlie, Today's Episode 25th May 2022 Full Written Update


Arpita prepares arrangements for Imlie’s baby shower and ceremony and she also makes a swing decorated with beautiful flowers as Imlie loves to swing. Sundar gets happy after seeing that she is taking care of her. Imlie gets emotional after seeing the efforts done by everyone. Imlie then talks with her baby.
Gudiya and Nita were watching her and she asks she brought her for getting married to Aryan but she can’t see this happening. Narmada keeps some jewelry boxes on the table for the rituals of the baby shower, says Imlie to get ready, she gets happy to see that her mother is now talking to her. Narmada asks the servant to check when Pandit Ji will come. Nila comes and says that did she forget everything Imlie did to her.

Jyoti asks why she is talking negative things on this special day, she is taking care of her child and Aryan, then why should we remember the past. She pulls Jyoti towards her and warns her that she won’t dare to interfere in her matter other than she has to suffer, the blames if she is taking Imlie side to get her wealth, but she says that she is only telling the truth that you will not get anything doing this and only good thing will happen with Imlie.

Meethi gets the news that Imlie is pregnant and she can’t control her joy and congrats Satyakam. She gets excited and tells everyone in the village about Imlie’s pregnancy and in return, the villagers taunt her and ask her that will the child get his father’s name or not. Meethi then reminds them of Laxman, Arjun, Bheem, and many other well-known mythological people who are known by their mother’s name only. The villagers realized their mistake and apologize for what they said. The episode ends.


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