This prominent show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. This show has gained huge popularity among people. People love to watch this show with excitement. Yes, we are talking about Imlie.  The latest starts with, Imlie feeling uneasy eating the food. Everyone asks her what’s the wrong Imlie. Imlie goes to the washroom for vomiting. Nila thinks something wrong with the food only. Sundar says Imlie is good to cook. Narmada is about to taste it and Jyoti says she can’t take the chance of risk. She says if Naramada gets the piece of the thing she mixed something in the food.

Imlie 24th May 2022 Full Written Update

Imlie says she is alright, she felt dizzy and vomited. Gudiya starts crying and says why it is occurring, and then she says to Nila that it’s a sign of the pregnancy. Everyone gets doubtful Imlie goes to check if she is pregnant. Jyoti thinks this is not true it can’t be possible because she has spike something in the food that’s why she got sick. Imlie gets nervous thinking about what will be the result, and Aryan goes nervous. They talk that Aryan will teach attitude to the baby and Imlie will teach daring things to their baby.

She shows the result to Aryan. He gives the news to the family, that the result is positive. Everyone gets overjoyed except Nila, Jyoti, and Gudiya. Arpita hugs Aryan and Sundar hugs Imlie. Aryan imagine the 9 months of pregnancy. Narmada apologizes to Imlie and says she gave the biggest happiness to her son. She is thankful to her.

Gudiya and Nila pack the bag of Jyoti and say that Imlie and Aryan started loving Imlie more but before that, they used to just fight. Now they love each other and Imlie is pregnant. Jyoti chokes Gudiya and tells her to stop her drama. Jyoti says she doesn’t want to take stress thinking about the future. Nine-month they have and this is enough to ruin their happiness.

Imlie is about to fall Aryan holds her. They both started to argue. They decide on a name for a baby Imlie suggests Kichu and Aryan suggest Chiku. Aryan says that be it a girl or boy, he will love their baby. Imlie goes to the room with him and he asks if she is happy with her pregnancy, he says it should be her choice, not others. Imlie says she feels he will take good care of her. He says that after delivery he will make a team with his children and Imlie will be in another team. Imlie hits him playfully. Episode ends.


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