A prominent show is gaining huge attention from its fans. This show is outstanding and entertaining. We are sharing a written update on the famous show. The latest episode starts with Jyoti saying she can’t stay calm until she knows what occurred last night between Aryan and Imlie. She asks Aryan why he looks down, and he says Imlie is not feeling well. Jyoti says but who will take care of Aryan if he will take care of Imlie, Aryan replies one can tire of taking care of your loved ones. She gives juice to him but he refuses. Jyoti asks him what happened between them.

imlie 23rd May 2022 Written Update

He says she got cold only. She tells him to give the juice to Imlie, he notices a cut on her hand it’s really serious, she says she didn’t how did it happen. Jyoti thinks that Aryan will apply for the medicine to injury. However, Arpita comes here and applies the medicine to her injury. Jyoti gets jealous. Aryan looks at Imlie sitting on the terrace and seeing at the sky. He asks her to rest else he will complain to Meethi. She comes to him and hugs him from behind. Aryan loves her not like a moon he loves her like a pole star who will never disappear. Aryan says he will never leave her and she thought him to love and then they hug each other.

Imlie makes food in the kitchen with the help of the other cooks. Aryan comes behind her and she doesn’t realize it. Aryan says them not to tell her about him. She asks for the things he gives her. But she didn’t realize that was Aryan. He kisses her on her cheek. She says that she should be shy. He says he is loving his wife, why will he be shy. She calls Sundar and he gets embarrassed that she loughs. She talks about the child, then both get shy.

Jyoti gets jealous of her and says to Ilmlie that she is very happy to see Imlie and Aryan coming closer. Jyoti should snatch our love from the universe but Imlie refuses and says love is like a blessing for her. Jyoti then spikes the dishes without Imlie’s knowledge so that someone in the family gets feels unwell.

Narmada waits for food and Nila says Imlie knows Narmada has to take medicine still she has not ready the food for her. Then Gudiya orders the food for her and she is about to eat the food Imlie comes there with the food. Jyoti scolds them and says they have ruined her plan. Aryan asks Imlie to taste the food first and Jyoti thinks now it’s another issue. Imlie takes one bite and starts feeling uneasy. Everyone gets concerned for her. She coughs. Episode ends.


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