Here we are going to share a written update of the latest episode. The show is running with the good TRP on television. Yes, we are talking about the most popular show Imlie. According to the promo video, the show is going to be extra entertaining. The latest starts with, Aryan telling Imlie to dance with him. Imlie says if Srk was there he would have done a different style. He says that he can also do this. Aryan and Imlie act like dancing without touching each other. They share an eye lock. Arpita calls them to come downstairs. Arpita says them to hold each other hands and the date with feeling shy.


Gudiya gets jealous seeing them and says Arpita has no romance in her life so she is after Aryan and Imlie. However, Nila will ruin their date. Aryan says to sit and he offers her a drink. She says his ego and attitude made him date any girl maybe. Aryan says he dated several girls and he will tell her what he used to do on dates. Imlie continues to tease him and he starts talking about previous dates. He holds her hand and says about the steps one by one. He closes her eyes and starts to tell her specialties, he says that he likes the fire in her eyes and love for her family.

Ilmlie says if he has dated several girls then why did he not married with one of them and why did married with her. Aryan holds her hand and says because he loves… He doesn’t finish the sentence but Nila shouts at Sundar. Imlie sees Nila scolding Sundar for stealing jewels from her room. Sundar dined and says he is not a thief and Imlie also stands for him. Nila taunts her saying she only invited him here and this occurred. Sundar has not remembered his status that he is just a servant.  Arpita gets shocked to know that.

Imlie proves that Nila is lying and Sundar didn’t steal anything. She says saying the jewels she is talking about are not real. The locker is perfectly fine and it has not broken and Sundar doesn’t have keys too. Gudiya tries to call the cops but Imlie stops her. Sundar says he was helping Arpita here. Aryan says Nila doesn’t blame Sundar unnecessarily. Arpita says she thought Sundar knows Imlie’s choices so she asked for the help and she had no idea he is house help. She feels bad for him. Imlie warns them not to force her to expose their real faces because she can do anything for her family. Episode ends.


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