We are back with another written update of the most popular show. This show has gained good popularity among people and people love to watch this show. According to the promo videos show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with,  Imlie asking Aryan why is he nervous so much and he calls himself a rough and strict guy then why he can’t tell what’s in his mind? Aryan moves backward and she says he is Aryan Rathore and he can do anything, he wants but some things need the courage to confess. However, still, Imlie wants him to say those words. Ayran comes close to her and Imlie feels shy, they dance together and spend time romantically. Jyoti reaches with a cutter and she cuts the wood stand in anger. Imlie slips and Aryan holds her hand tightly.

Imlie 19th May 2022 Written Update,

Sundar gives a cute surprise to Arpita by making her favorite dishes. Arpita says what will happen to her diet and Sundar tells her to forget about the diet. Nila comes and taunts him that at least Sundar is making food instead of eating for free. She adds that Imlie never stays at home, works outside and Sundar is jobless.

Arpita says she and Aryan have no issues with Imlie or Sundar then what is her problem.  Narmada comes and Arpita asks her to taste the food Sundar cooked. Narmada gets happy then Gudiya says Imlie didn’t even ask Aryan to eat something maybe. Nila says to Narmada that she should call Aryan to know about Aryan’s health. Arpita says they are together and they need some privacy. Nila says to Narmada that she is Aryan’s mother and she has the right to know about Aryan.

Aryan asks Imlie to grip him tightly and he can’t lose her.  Imlie shouts ABP. She tries hard to get up. Jyoti thinks Aryan just leave Imlie and let her die because she is not for him. He decides to Push Imlie towards the side of the pond else the broken tree house can’t take both of their weight. She then falls into the muddy pond and Aryan gets shocked. Jyoti leaves. He doesn’t receive Narmada’s call and Nila starts provoking Narmada. Aryan jumps into the pool and searches for imlie restlessly.

You will see Gudiya and Nila ask about the plan, Jyoti says Imlie will die and she will never come back. Aryan found Imlie and he gives CPR to her and says her to open her eyes. He says that he was better before coming here in his life. He was strong and didn’t care about anything. She has changed completely. He cries hugging Imlie and saying she can’t leave him midway. She has to complete her promise.


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