Here we are sharing a written update of the most prominent show. This show is running with good TRP on television. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with, Aryan lifting unconscious Imlie from the floor and opening the door. The family gets stunned to see Imlie’s situation. Aryan makes Imlie lie on a sofa and asks the family to call a doctor. Arpita Aryan to relax as a doctor is on the way. Jyoti thinks that Aryan and Imlie can not be so careless, they can not leave the candles near the curtains. When the doctor comes Aryan says to the doctor to check Imlie about what happened to her in a panic way, the doctor says it was a panic attack due to smoke inhalation and that is fine now, in fact, Aryan needs treatment and not Imlie.  Everyone smiles hearing that. Sundar goes to drop the doctor out.


Imlie says to everyone that she is fine and there is no need to worry. Narmada asks how did the room catch fire. Nila looking at Jo says someone set the fire intentionally Aryan disclose that he and Jo lit scented candles in the room for Imlie. Nila alleges that Jyoti set the fire then. Aryan says Jo was trying to help him. You will see their eyes lock and then she rests her head on his shoulder. Jyoti gets jealous to see this. Arpita and Sundar, both talk in a funny way.

The next morning, Aryan asks Imlie if she slept comfortably last night. She nods yes. Mahadev calls Imlie and says he prepared the report, but it’s very risky. Imlie says she can’t take a risk, so she will come to the office. Aryan disconnects the phone and says asks her to rest, she says the report is very important, and he says that her health is more important than anything.

He says he will accompany her. She asks just because he is her husband will he will follow her everywhere. He says he is her boss and she is his worker. She takes her phone and walks aside. Jyoti burns camphor and asks Narmada to keep it in all the corners of the house to avoid negativity. Jyoti tells Arpita that they are newly married, but look like they are married for years. Jyoti says are not compatible with each other. Arpita says they are unable to understand each other’s feelings.

Nila vents out her anger on Ghudiya when her plan fails. Jyoti walks in. Nila yells why did she come here. Jyoti says that she has not done this, Aryan thinks she kept the candle near the curtain, but someone did this. Nila says her to leave if her excuses are complete. Gudiya says she needs the lipstick. Jo tells her she has a lot of stuff of makeup and will give it to her if she reveals who set the fire in the room. Gudiya, disclose the name of Nila. Episode ends. Stay tuned for more updates.


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