Imlie Today Latest Written Update May 30th 2022: Imlie is the most famous show. This show is running well with the excellent TRP on the television. People love to watch this show. Today we will share a written update of the latest episode. According to the promo videos, the show is taking a turning point. The newest episode stars with Imlie helplessly walking to Baba again after Narmada’s warning. Nila tells Gudiya that Narmada used to worried about Imlie even though Imlie incurred a scratch and now she Is forcing Imlie to Baba’s torture. She takes the knife and feels scared to slit her hand. She then asks him to test himself first as she knows only vegetables. He warns him to stay away, and Imlie asks Nila the same thing. Narmada says she should respect to her inlaws and doesn’t waste the time.

Imlie Today Latest Written Update May 30th 2022 Aryan Second Marriage Photos

Imlie says if she knew that she can be pregnant she never married Arayan, but since it is the decision of Sita Maiya, she will accept it. She says she doesn’t want to trouble anyone in her pain. Nila asks her to execute her task and stop the lecture. She forcibly tries to cut Imlie’s hand. On the other hand. Aryan tells Arpita that he wants to focus on Imlie and he wants to make her happy. Arpita advises him to never change and loves Imlie. Aryan got a call and stands shocked and he arrived at Baba’s Ashram. He stops all this. Narmada scolds him for coming here. Imlie Today Latest Written Update May 30th 2022

He asks Narmada if she is supporting an Illogical And Unscientific Act. Narmada warns him not to question her faith. She says she just asked Imlie to give her blood for the rituals. Then Aryan takes the Knife and tries to cut himself. Narmada stops him and kisses him. Nila has Imlie has issues to be a mother. Aryan says thanks to Jyoti, that she informed me on time. Jyoti says it’s her job to save them from negativity.

They came back home, and Aryan and Imlie starts their cute fight. She hugs him emotionally. He asks her not to believe people’s baseless talks. She says the truth is she can’t be a mother and give an heir to the Rathore family. He shuts her mouth and says he will never leave her in any situation. He sings a stamp paper for this. Imlie asks what if he leaves her Someday. he says He Will Give her a relaxing foot Massage. She says he will have to wash the cloth he smiles and says yes. He says no one will understand their relationship with Narmada’s confusion and Nila provoking Narmada and hence their future would be difficult. Imlie says Sundar and Arpita will support them always.

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